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Next Generation Hotmelt Tape Applicator T-36

Designed to work on Hashimoto, Raute, Meinen and PES Veneer Composers

  • Stainless Steel robust, durable construction throughout.
  • Can be mounted underside or top-side (preferred) with our robust bracket having camber and fixed height adjustments.
  • (1) – 1/4” OD x 36”L Stainless Steel hot tube, can be roto-cleaned in-place, no need to be replaced
  • Chill wheel to flatten out filaments to maximum width to hold stronger and longer
  • Chill Wheel has no rotating seals, prevents leaks and repairs and reduces chill wheel replacement/maintenance. Also, has a lubrication port to flush out debris.
  • 15-20 lbs adjustable pneumatic pressure supplied for each chill wheel minimizes drag on veneer and easily rolls over debris, retracts for re-threading string
  • Easy heater core removal permits removing and installing a replacement core, heater & RTD assembly to minimize downtime.
  • Low energy insulated 400W heater and reliable 100 ohm RTD both can be replaced by an electrician
  • Removing 2 screws on chill wheel core for easy replacement of ball bearing and rim assembly.
  • We supply UL approved digital, multi-zone temperature control panel

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