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Northwest Adhesives, Inc. was started in 1995 by Charles and Beverly Asbury. Starting from scratch, Charles and Beverly sought to establish a company that would provide superior hotmelt adhesives to serve the paper packaging and wood products industries. They had no customers, no formulas, and no employees, yet Charles and Beverly were full of ambition and confident that they would be successful.

Today, Northwest Adhesives has grown to become a multinational supplier of hotmelt adhesives to clients in countries as far as Canada, Finland, Russia, Malaysia, Thailand, New Zealand, as well as all across the United States. The company has roughly 15 employees including several dedicated sales agents, representatives, and third party distributors. Their son Bryan Asbury works as Sales Manager for Northwest Adhesives with his wife, Melissa, as Production Supervisor.

Got a difficult application? Relax, our application expertise and technical knowledge is proven on specialty projects where we customized, high performing hot-melts for non-traditional, niche applications helping solve some difficult customer problems.

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Mission Statement

At Northwest Adhesives, Inc. our mission is to produce quality, high preforming hotmelt adhesive products that are tailored to fit the needs of each customer. We aspire to be responsive, knowledgeable, and provide excellent service to all of our customers, local or global.


Within the first few years of its inception, Northwest Adhesives quickly established itself at the forefront of the adhesives market. They provided an alternative to large, inflexible corporate suppliers who only offered “off the shelf” standard formulas, becoming the local technical experts to small and medium-sized clients often ignored by other “national” suppliers.

In June 2001, Northwest Adhesives developed its own unique coating and winding process for manufacturing hotmelt coated strings and tapes targeted specifically for plywood industry clients. The goal was to add a line of higher-margin, specialty products to Northwest Adhesives’ already established line of bulk hotmelt adhesives. Growing its unique lines of hotmelt adhesives, strings, and tapes has helped the company earn its multinational success.

Since then, Northwest Adhesives has grown beyond the local market to provide world-class adhesive formulas to markets across the globe that match, or exceed products offered by larger adhesive suppliers. The company remains just as competitive and innovative in the field as ever, offering application expertise and technical knowledge on specialty projects to solve the most difficult of customer issues. For any nontraditional, niche applications that Northwest Adhesives encounters, the company develops customized, high quality adhesives tailored to meet the unique needs and conditions of each customer.

If you have questions on other custom applications, we invite you to please contact us from our website, sales@northwestadhesives.com or call us on the phone (360)-260-1227.

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