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Packaging Adhesives

Today, Northwest Adhesives, Inc. has grown beyond the local market and has proven, world-class adhesive formulas matching or exceeding the best products from larger, global adhesive suppliers.

Got a difficult application? Relax, our application expertise and technical knowledge is proven on specialty projects where we customized, high performing hot-melts for non-traditional, niche applications helping solve some difficult customer problems.

Not located near us? We sell Northwest Adhesives around the world! So our “mission” for adhesives continues…

Make superior quality, high performing adhesives and application systems tailored to fit conditions unique to each customer. Be a problem solver, be a responsive expert and be a business partner for customers who are important, small or large.

If you have questions on other custom applications, again we invite you to please contact us from our website, sales@northwestadhesives.com or call us on the phone (360)-260-1227.

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