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Northwest Adhesives, Inc. offers a wide variety of hot melt and water base adhesives for packaging targeted for:

  • Case / carton sealing @ 300-350F
  • “Cool Melt” applied @ 250-280F
  • Bliss box and high speed Tray Forming
  • Spot Pak® (Delkor Systems, Inc.)
  • Wrap Around and end loaded boxes
  • Hot Pack / hot transit boxes up to 175°F
  • Freezer Packs (down to -20°F)
  • Starch and PVA label lap adhesives
  • Waxed and poly coated cartons and boxes
  • Pressure Sensitive Adhesives (HMPSA’s)
  • Pallet Load Stabilization


Northwest Adhesives, Inc. manufactures labeling adhesives for:

  • Hot pick up Bayer or Burt roll through can lines
  • HMPSA for vertical labelling Krones or Trines
  • Clear adhesives for clear labels
  • PET, metal and glass containers labeling
  • Water base label lap adhesives

Veneer Composing

Northwest Adhesives, Inc. offers high performing, cost efficient, “pre-coated” tapes for composing wood veneers, parquet flooring or LVL veneer into durable, continuous full sized sheets. When used with Northwest “spot glues” our PS-tapes provide a continuous, more durable wood assembly and improves lay-up efficiency and reduces cost. Some customers also invest in “Re-Coat” where they use both Spot glue and PS-tape together for best holding power.

Corrugated Reinforcing

Northwest Adhesives, Inc. offers CR- filament hot melt tapes and strings for corrugated board reinforcement. Many box producers now use CR-tapes or CR-thin strings to add strength only where needed and may realize lower cost by using lighter weight paper components or can create stronger containers for multiple trips.

Folding Cartons

Northwest Adhesives, Inc. FC-filament tapes and FC-strings can be used as tear tapes for overnight mailers, powdered detergent cartons or reinforce handle holds where tear resistance is needed.


Northwest Adhesives, Inc. has hotmelt adhesives for:

  • ”Quiet” pillow top mattress assembly.
  • Foam encasement assembly
  • Pocketed coil spring assemblies
  • PVA or EVA water based adhesives for wood corners

Other Applications

  • Foam to corrugated or foam to wood for protective packaging
  • Pre-appled HMPSA for internal packaging components
  • Coffee cup insulator jackets (resist over 200F)
  • Bag and bag handle spot adhesives
  • Removable, fugitive, credit card or temporary bonding
  • Replace solvent contact adhesive with hot melt or water base
  • Custom formulation design for new projects
  • If you have questions on other custom applications, please contact us.

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